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We have added the averages per day, per week and per month in TVMetr. You can also download and save data in .csv and .pdf formats!


Now in AdBlast you can control if the ad spot matches the referent one or not by selecting and pressing the button "please inform us". We will get the message and start checking it right away!

Now in AdBlast you can see the advertising grids with their ad spots inside them: what brands are in one single advertising break, what brands are close to each other, also you can see the original video of each spot from the air, compare it with its own reference spot, even if the spot is different from the reference one, you can inform us about it and we check it!

Now in TVMetr you can not only analyse the viewing variables but also examine what program is in the air of the TV channel at the time of interest! We load the program grid (EPG) every day!
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