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TVMetr — TV measurement system
Deepmetrics TVMetr measures viewing of Ukrainian national and thematic TV channels based on BigData
IPTV and OTT services
What TVMetr does
TVMetr measures shares and ratings of TV channels in digital services, preferences of TV viewers, flow of audiences, supplementing the possibilities of traditional TAM panel methods. Measurements cover the total population of digital TV audience (Universe). TVMetr's unique approach is the detailed study of
non-linear TV viewing: catch-up/repeated viewing, usage of
How measurements are made
Sociology meets BigData. Digital services accumulate a lot of detailed and impersonal data on how people watch television. Deepmetrics measures them, examines, visualises and models things that can not be measured by direct methods. The results of the measurements are supplemented by representative social and demographic characteristics of the audience. Now the system receives data from interactive TV service of Ukrtelecom, OLL.TV and OLL.TV partner networks.
Measurement results
Measurement results are available in several types and formats. Monthly overview pdf-report is distributed by general subscription, detailed reports are distributed by personal subscription, TVMetr Online web-application with data and reports is available for independent work. It is possible to download data in external files.
Access to TV measurement data
For broadcasters, right holders and professionals of the television market.
Deepmetrics makes personal detailed reports.
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TVMetr Online
Social&demographic variables
Base audience variables
Average shares and ratings
Detailed shares and ratings
Non-linear TV viewing data
October 2018 Report
Do you know that IPTV and OTT viewers use the digital service differently? For someone it is the source of daily watching TV for the whole households, and for others — it is another modern technology with which it is possible to watch the favorite content. Our monthly report is about how viewers of different platforms choose which screens to watch, how much time they actually spend on the service, whether a viewer of the digital service is so modern that he is ready to give up linear television, and also a lot of new thoughts for your insights. It is time to subscribe.
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Major principles of digital
TV services' measurement
Measured services
In our measurement we include such digital IPTV/OTT TV services as interactive TV service of Ukrtelecom, OLL.TV and OLL.TV partner networks
Data extrapolation
Data on usage of digital TV services' sets that are included in analysis does not extrapolate on all digital TV services. It is a basis for analysis solely of those digital TV services on which we collect the viewing data
Geography of measurement
Data on usage of digital TV services' sets are restricted by subscriber database geography of the services that are being analyzed. It cannot be extrapolated on other settlement types/oblasts/regions without additional analysis of infrastructure development and any other factors (such as sales of smart TVs, smartphones etc.) that can influence digital TV usage
Measured audience
In measurement we include data only on subscribers, who paid their subscription fee and who remained subscribed at the time of measurement. Promo, freemium and other type of subscribers are not included in measurement
Unit of measured audience
The process of collecting data on digital TV services' usage is carried out on a household level. Transformation from viewing of households to individual viewing is available by virtue of mathematic modeling, provided that social and demographic data on household members is collected or in a case of studying the viewers' behavior
Viewing type
A linear viewing Live is included. In case of Catch-up usage we rectify this separately
Checking on validity of data
Data on usage of digital TV services is verified by technical and logical levels by defined control parameters. Their set can vary depending on particularities of digital TV services and used technological decisions
Definition of viewers
A subscriber-household that has at least 10 seconds of consecutive content viewing
Audience variables
Indicators that are used for analysis of digital TV services are correspondent to the referent ones used in TV Panel
Conditions of collaboration with another
digital TV services
When combining data on digital TV services' usage from different companies-suppliers it is essential to describe the methodology of collection, data verification and calculation of all statistical information used for analysis. In case of using the indexes of viewing/using digital TV services it is necessary to define method of calculation of each index, as well as principles of a viewer definition and subscribers' database that is used in each variable
AdBlast — TV advertising monitoring
Deepmetrics AdBlast monitors the fact, time, place and quality of TV advertising on Ukrainian TV channels
What ADBlast does
Advertisers and agencies want to be sure that every cent of their advertising budget is spent correctly, the commercials are aired in full, at the right time, in the target region, without changes or distortions. AdBlast monitors TV channels, answers these questions and combines the results with ratings of TV viewing.
Monitoring 24/7
AdBlast monitors broadcasts of TV channels all around the clock, finds commercials and compares the fact of their release with the media plan, determines the time, duration and quality of each show. Select or upload to the system your video and find out everything about its life on air. If necessary, watch the broadcast of the video and the advertising break in the recording.
Opportunities without boundaries
In total, AdBlast has access to about 300 channels, including national, regional versions of national, regional channels. Now the system works in demo mode with 10 TV channels. The channels are processed in the same form they are present in a real analogue or digital (T2) terrestrial. In AdBlast you can add satellite, cable and regional channels on request — any channels where your advertising is placed.
Access to advertising monitoring
ADMetr Online system is available to professionals of the advertising market for independent
use by subscription. You need to register.
For requests and details:
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Downloading data, working with reports
Multi user access
Follow our updates
Here you will learn how we update TVMetr and AdBlast products. We do this to make your work with them the most effective!
We have added the averages per day, per week and per month in TVMetr. You can also download and save data in .csv and .pdf formats!
Our product Deepmetriс works with all up-to-date versions of browsers. In case you forget to update your browser, our team will inform you as soon as possible!
Now in AdBlast you can control if the ad spot matches the referent one or not by selecting and pressing the button "please inform us". We will get the message and start checking it right away!
Now in AdBlast you can see the advertising grids with their ad spots inside them: what brands are in one single advertising break, what brands are close to each other, also you can see the original video of each spot on air, compare it with its own referent spot, even if the spot is different from the referent one, you can inform us about it!
Now in TVMetr you can not only analyse the viewing variables but also examine what program is on air of a TV channel during a given time period! We load the program grid (EPG) every day!
In TVMetr you can analyse in details any block on the curve. In order to do it you need to use zoom. Time bands from 1 hour to 3 hours can be analysed minute by minute!
Now in TVMetr it can be possible to edit your own request. In order to do it you need to use a button "Edit request"!
In TVMetr we have added information about Ad grid breaks from AdBlast. Now you can make analysis of programs taking into account the ad breaks. Also you can see where and when your brand was on air!
In TVMetr we have added a set of filters that will help you to better understand the audience viewing data:

How many viewers are watching TV channels non-linearly during a given time period? - use Catch-up filter

How many viewers are watching TV channels Live of a given time period? - use Live filter

Is there any difference in a viewing behavior between Kyiv and North, West and East, South and Center - use All regions filter

Is there any difference in a viewing behavior between the types of settlements (50K+, 50K-) - use All population filter

If a TV channel is only included in some packages, but not in all of them, you can analyze audience variables by taking into account corresponding tariff plan - use By tariff plan filter

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